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Remote Healing

LifeForce Enhancement

Shamanic Journeying

How does it work?

As an additional service to Past Life Soul Regression Therapy, I offer Remote Healing Sessions. My method includes Reiki as a foundation, coupled with Shamanic Journeying. Through Shamanic Journeying I enter a meditative prayer state during which there is an interface with the spirit world about one's specific needs and requests. Healing sessions typically last for an hour but may go beyond that time frame. I simply allow Spirit to guide the process. I refer to this healing modality as "LifeForce Enhancement." The simple method was shown to me by my personal Spirit Guides who are specialized in healing.


Know that all healing is ultimately accepted and accomplished by the individual requesting healing, not by the practitioner.  A healing practitioner is simply a channel who consciously holds space for healing light and intention for a specific individual who requests it. A healing practitioner might be thought of as an assistant, a facilitator, or vessel of light.  While all the power needed is already within one's own being --- having outside assistance from someone who is removed from a situation can add power to an individual's own intention. Just as a mirror can magnify light, so too can positive healing energy be amplified with focused intent by someone who is not emotionally attached to the outcome. 


Here is my definition of Reiki, a healing modality which I use routinely in my massage therapy practice. 

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation, both of which promote healing. Rei means "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki means "Life Force Energy." Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of self-healing and stress reduction. I use the words "self-healing" because just as a massage therapist does not "heal," per se, neither does a Reiki practitioner "heal," for healing comes from within any given individual. However, both Massage Therapy and Reiki (in their own ways) can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system promotes stress relief and deep relaxation, which can induce profound health-benefiting effects within the body. Reiki can be described as an aura massage, for it works on the subtle energies of the body. However, the Reiki practitioner need not even touch the physical body to employ this healthful technique. Reiki can be sent from afar.  Physical distance is not an issue. I have been a certified Level II Reiki practitioner since 1996.

Shamanic Journeying:

In 2009 my primary healing guide S. W. H. H. demonstrated to me a simple,  no-nonsense method of journeying for the purpose of "intending the greatest good" for an individual requesting assistance with any life challenge (mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual). In the same year, 2009, I was gifted yet another out of body meeting with another healing guide, a medieval Franciscan monk, who offered to me the experience of blue light healing. 


In December of 2012 I was dealing with a life and death situation involving my cat, Sabrina. I had forgotten all about the experiences which the guides had given three years earlier. Nevertheless, as I prayed for Sabrina, they (my guides) reminded me of the journeying and blue light  meditations for healing. I used the meditations as they were given ... and they were extremely effective. Sabrina not only jumped from my lap with vigor the moment she and I both returned from the shamanic journey, but she seemed as if she had just tapped into another of her nine cat lives! Now ... five years later, she is even more spry than she was before her illness when she was five years younger. I used the same journeying techniques for one of my dogs during another emergency situation, and the modalities worked then as well. I have used this method of LifeForce Enhancement many times over the years for myself and for others (people and animals).


While there is no guarantee that the desired outcome will ensue for any individual, there is also no doubt that love and light which is offered without an agenda to control the outcome, is a good thing! Sometimes our conscious mind has its own agenda based upon ego and desire. What we perceive only as real in our 3D experience, and what we think is best for us based on that 3D limitation is not necessarily what our Higher Self knows to be true and of the "greatest good" in this lifetime.


What is meant by my last statement? The Source, God, Great Spirit, Higher Self, or whatever name one wishes to give the "All That Is" .... knows ultimately what is best for each of us -- our soul contracts, our karma, our dharma, and our lessons. The part of us that remains in the spirit world (The Higher Self) is that part of us that is completely at one with the All That Is. So, when healing energy is offered without a need to control the outcome, then we as humans step out of the way and allow the greater plan to unfold. Love is the key. Acceptance of the outcome regardless of our understanding of it -- is crucial. There are a number of factors involved in the outcome of a conscious desire for healing or desire for positive change.  They include but are not limited to: karma, ego, and resistance (conscious and subconscious) regarding changes in lifestyle, habits, diet, beliefs, environment, and attitudes. 

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