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Sponsoring Angels and Gifting Requests

Calling All Angels!

If you are in a position to help someone in need of a Past Life Soul Regression session or a Remote Healing session, you may do so by sponsoring that individual with your generosity.


If anyone has submitted a Gifting Request, you will see it below. Using the contact form, you can inform me of your wish to sponsor and for whom. You may alternatively offer to sponsor a friend or loved one who hasn't submitted a gifting request, if you let me know how to contact that person. Please use the subject line "Sponsoring Angel."

Request a Gift

If you cannot afford the PLSR session fee, please submit a gifting request, which will be posted on this page. Limit your request to 200 words. A random visitor to the site may see your request and may be inspired to sponsor you by becoming your PLSR angel. To submit a Gifting Request, fill out the contact form with the subject "Gifting Request." 

Thanks! Message sent.

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