"The White Owl is an animal guide. White Owl unveils that which is ordinarily unseen, that which is hidden neath the veil of forgetfulness. Upon White Owl's wings, the seeker’s mind flies to the realm of Spirit where Intuition and Imagination reign ... and where Secrets of the Soul are revealed."


S.W.H.H -- Medicine Man and Spirit Guide            

  White Owl Wisdom

      Past Life Journeys

      Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) &

     Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR)

WHO ... Is the White Owl? 
Dina D'Antonio­-Smithson
 B.A., LMT, Certified Reiki Practitioner
& Certified Past Life Soul Regressionist
Member: International Between Lives Regression Network
Located at  26571 North Rd, Hotchkiss, Colorado
"The Little Healing Room on the Vineyard"
To schedule an In-Person appointment
Email PastLifeFight@gmail.com
or Call (970) 424-1519
Long distance remote sessions are
available by phone world-wide.

As you embark upon your past life journey, I wish to thank you in advance for allowing me to participate as your facilitator in this process.  I am honored and humbled.  Please know that my Spiritual Helpers and yours ... will hold sacred space in your honor and for your highest good as you take flight upon White Owl's wings!  

Are you ready? ... Let's go for it!

Let's take a journey into your soul's unique history!


Namaste, Dina 

Copyright 2017 White Owl Wisdom / Dina D'Antonio-­Smithson

"Snowy Owl in Flight" image by Carrie Ann Grippo-Pike