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Preparing for Your Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) or Your

Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR)

 In-Person or Remote Phone Sessions 



There is no formal preparation for PLSR (Past Life Soul Regression) or LBL (Life Between Lives)  regression except for the willingness to have the experience. However, there are some suggestions which you may find helpful. These ideas are not written in stone. They are merely recommendations.


1. The night before the session or a few hours prior, write down what you'd like to learn or what you'd like to resolve. Just a few short statements of intent are helpful. Speak to your Higher Guidance, whomever or whatever you envision that to be, even if that source is merely your superconscious mind. 


2. If possible, before the session take a short walk, sit out in nature, or perform some type of gentle exercise, yoga, or creative dance. Being in nature and/or moving the body will help to get your creative energies flowing and assist the mind/body to relax. Even 15 or 20 minutes of prep time is beneficial. 


3. Try to schedule little else for the day so that your mind and body can relax before and after the session. This is your time. Enjoy it and savor its sacredness! After the session, you may wish to journal or take some quiet time to allow all that has transpired to integrate within your being.

Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR): Prerequisite (At least one previous past life regression performed by Dina or another past life regressionist). Same instructions apply for LBLR as for PLSR sessions, only allow 4 hours time for the duration of a LBLR. LBLR's are much more in depth and take longer than a single PLSR.



Preparing for Your Past Life Soul Regression Phone Session

(Same instructions apply for a Life Between Lives Regression Session)

Tools: You will need a headset (combination earphones and mic) to plug into your phone or computer through which you are taking the call. You will wear the headset during your phone session so that your hands are free and you can lie down comfortably. There are many headset brands available online for phone and computer use. 

Dina will call you at the time of your appointment.

4. All of the above (1 -3) apply. In addition, make sure that you have quiet time set aside for at least 2 .5 hours for the PLSR session to take place from start to finish. Though a typical session lasts 2 to 2.5 hours, you'll want a little extra buffer time during which there are no interruptions.

 Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR): allow 4 hours time. A typical LBLR is 3.5 to 4 hours from start to finish.


5. Find a comfortable place in your home or office where you can lie down in a recliner chair or on a sofa.


6. Have a couple of blankets, pillows, a box of tissues, and a glass or bottle of water within reach. Have an eye cover handy if your wish to block light from your eyes.


7. Adjust room temperature to your comfort level.


8. Turn off phones and answer machines.


9. Ask family and friends not to disturb you, except, of course, for emergencies. Though it is not always possible, try to schedule the appointment when you know that there will be little, if any, noises or distractions from others in the building where you are located. Normal outside noises are fine, but ... for instance, if you have a barking pet in the next room --- or if your children are making a lot of noise just outside your door, this would not be helpful to your session. It is your responsibility to prepare your space so that you have as little distraction as possible.


10. Have children and pets attended by someone else for the 2.5 hours for a PLSR, (4 hours for LBLR) you've set aside for your session.


11. Use the restroom before the appointed start time.

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