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Reviews -- What clients are saying about their session with Dina

Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) Feedback


This was my first regression and it was wonderful. I learned so much about myself in a secure and safe environment. Thanks, Dina, for a great session!

Brenda Wright, RN

Meridian, Mississippi

That was a wild ride going to see that lifetime. Thank you so much for facilitating that journey in a good way! Since the experience, I feel like I can breathe better - deeper. For days after the session my third eye was feeling very strong, and I have been drawn more easily into a meditative state. Thank you!!


Paonia, Colorado

I enjoyed how the session was guided by Dina. The past life regression was really helpful in understanding an important relationship of mine.  I could not previously understand why the relationship was not working. Obtaining this understanding brought me a lot of peace.


Cedaredge, Colorado

My PLSR session was a great experience that I plan to repeat and recommend to everyone on the path of expanding consciousness. It has given me a new perspective on issues I have been dealing with in my life. The experience itself was most informative, but since then, I have had several other insights stemming from that one session. Dina's guidance during the session is a great comfort, and her notes from the session, in follow-up, are very intuitive and sapient.

E. Truitt

Cut Off, Louisiana

Hi Dina,

I just wanted to give you a follow up on my session.  HOLY SMOKES!!  The feeling coming through from the other side was reminding me to slow down, be calm (have less stress), and just experience this incarnation, because this life is only a little blip in my soul's journey.  I felt so aware and connected to this creation and a total feeling of wholeness, not just love (LOL) but something more ....  kinda hard to explain .... like completeness ??  Also, thank you so, so much for the very concise and condensed version of my 2 hour session.  Curiously, as I read the written account, I could feel myself being pulled back into that "state".  I felt a faint connection of being "back in there."  Very interesting.  I am still processing what I do remember and am aware of feeling more compassionate and less stressful and harried about life.  My reactions to stuff happening has been more tempered and there's a definite "letting go"of stressful emotions.  Again, thank you for being the person you are.



San Francisco, California

Dina was the perfect midwife for my first past life regression experience. I felt safe, held, respected, and supported. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who's ready to dip their first toes into the waters of soul journey remembering. I left with a deeper love and compassion for myself and a spring in my step towards future self discovery.

Melanie Jean Williams

Paonia, Colorado

 Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR) Feedback

My Life Between Lives session was amazing! I learned about a karmic debt and the purpose of my current incarnation. Dina gently and lovingly guided me through my scary stuff. Where I got scared, she knew just where to go and what to focus on. She is a true friend, and she lead me to a beautiful place where I learned several truths about myself; some hard, some empowering. I definitely reccomend getting a LBLR session, and doing it with Dina as your guide. 

E.  Truitt

Cut Off, Louisiana


Reiki Energy Healing Feedback


Each day now, I move closer to NORMAL....closer to how I was before my June 8th accident! Granted, it comes in small daily changes....positive changes I can feel and see as my shoulder relinquishes a little tightness here, a little loosening there as I move toward total flexibility and complete range of motion in this compromised joint.

And each day, in my heart and mind, I thank you and my Lord for the positive daily improvement. Without your caring and supportive part in my long healing experience, there is no way I could have stayed in my own home.

The healing sessions you did with me here were wonderful and came at a perfect time. I always appreciate your gentle touch and the feeling and knowing that I am your total concern in this time of offering the skills and knowledge of your profession gained through your many years of study and practice. Then you remotely sent me more healing and I totally trust that you did, and by my just believing I know that my body received the healing whether I was awake or asleep.



Paonia, CO.

Dina, Thank you so much for giving my kitty her 3rd Reiki treatment.  Each time she receives a session she perks up, becoming more lively, alert, and interested in family activities.  Reiki seems to stimulate her interest in food as well, and it makes her more out-going. 


Cedaredge, CO.

The following article regarding Dina's work was copied from the Montrose Monitor - July 2017

Traveling back through time

by Peggy Carey

My temperature was 103.5 F the night I was convinced I was a black slave in China. As a houseguest tried to get me into street clothes to go to the E.R. she kept reminding me I was in Los Altos, California, but I insisted she touch my hair and then she would know: when I touched my hair I could feel my short nappy curls (this at a time that I had fine hair that fell below my shoulder blades,bleached almost blonde from swimming laps twice a day).

In my delirium, I explained to her how I needed to get back to practicing my job as a horse acrobat; there was a performance that evening. Closing my eyes, I could feel the way my strong thighs kept my balance as the horse cantered around the arena, and the tension right before I sprang into a back flip then landed solidly in the middle of the horse’s back. I told her I was sad that my owners, who clearly loved me, treated me like an exotic pet, prohibiting me from wearing clothes, and assuming I would sleep on the ground.

That incident, combined with the time my 18-month–old daughter pointed to an Edward Curtis photograph and proclaimed, “Mommy”, sparked a lifelong interest in the idea of past life memory, and the practice of past life regression. I am not here to say that these memories really are the memory of a past life, just to wonder about why it is we seem to be able to remember things so clearly that we know didn’t happen in this life. (I can still feel the sensation of my legs bending slightly to absorb the shock of the horse’s hooves striking the ground).

Over the years I have toyed with the idea of a past life regression, especially after respected doctors like Dr. Brian Weiss began to talk about it. I made an appointment to do one in California but some incident or other caused me to cancel. Imagine my surprise, then, when flipping through The Shopper looking for hay, I saw a small ad for past life regressions.

The woman who answered the phone was very honest and articulate, and told me where she had been trained. Mr.Google and I searched the web and learned all we could about her, her training, and her trainers. I called back that same day and made an appointment.

I am always surprised how ordinary people who work in fields that some people call paranormal look. When I met Dina, and we talked, I thought “we could be good friends someday”. Her office as not an unfamiliar setting, it had many of the same decorative touches that many office in the area have. As she explained the process she emphasized that we don’t know if past life memories are really memories, or subconscious thoughts, or, she offered, ‘just our imagination set free.’ In her opinion, it didn’t matter. All of those would offer insight into who we are, and perhaps help us improve our lives.

After a short interview we moved into a small room used for massage therapy. I reclined on the table, and the hypnosis process, which was familiar to me, began. Eventually she asked me to visualize a door, and describe it. The door I saw in my mind’s eye was a commercial building door, like you might find on a warehouse. Stout and metal, with a lever handle. This surprised me and I think it surprised her as well. She asked me to open the door and step through. I had noticed light around the edges of the door so I was surprised to find myself inside a cave.

Dina took careful notes of what I told her, but the memory is not unlike the memory of something that actually happened. The only odd part is that I was both the observer and the observed. For example, I could feel the rough rock of the cave wall against my bare shoulder, but I could also look down at myself as I was above the scene. I think I expected some big dramatic episode, but the story was simple. I had been shunned by my clan at age 12. I could not provide food or water for myself, and I soon died of thirst. The person responsible for my shunning was my sister in that life, and my sister in this life.

Probably the most compelling part of the experience was the extreme thirst I experienced in this lifetime as the scene unfolded. At one point I asked for water, and at another point I was so hoarse and dry the therapist offered water.

As I died, the therapist suggested I go on to the spiritual plane, which I accomplished, but that is a story for another day.

In retrospect, being who I am, I can’t really ignore the possibility that this was all just the result of suggestion. Prior to undertaking the experience the therapist conducted an interview. During the interview I used the word “prehistoric” in describing how I used rocks to break the hay twine when I forgot a pocket knife.

I also described a situation where my sister (a different sister than the one in the scenario above) apologized for being mean to me when I was a child.

I think the experience was valuable no matter what its etiology was . . . I learned some things about 

myself, and it has informed my perception of my circumstances. I recommend it to anyone who has the time and the money to spare.

Past Life Regression services were provided by Dina D’Antonio of White Owl Wisdom

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