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Past Life Soul Regression & Life Between Lives Regression

 Frequently Asked Questions & Resources



1. What is Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR), and how does it work? 
NOTE: for Live Between Lives Info, see FAQ # 14 below.


PLSR sessions are a form of hypnotherapy during which the client is guided to a deep meditative theta state. During the deeply relaxed state of consciousness, intuition and insight are most easily accessed, and past life details relating to current life issues can be uncovered, explored, understood, and often resolved. PLSR may be considered a form of modern-day shamanic journeying.  

2. Is a PLSR Session the same as a Past Life Psychic Reading?


No. PLSR is a process conducted by hypnosis. A past life reading, on the other hand, is an intuitive assessment performed by a psychic during which the psychic offers details which he or she perceives about a client’s past life. During a PLSR Hypnotherapy Session, the therapist does not "read" the client. All data -- including sensory detail, feelings, emotions, perceptions, answers, realizations, and personages -- arise organically from within the person undergoing the PLSR experience. The hypnotherapist does not reveal data to the client. The client is the one who uncovers, feels, sees, experiences, and speaks the data.


3. How long does a PLSR session take?


On average, a PLSR session lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. However, it is not uncommon for emotional and spiritual processing to continue for hours, days, weeks, and even months after the actual session. Spontaneous moments of intuitive knowing might be unlocked by a single session and may arise at any time to further "fill in the blanks" during one's personal quest for self-knowledge. Each individual's experience is unique.


4. Will I receive a recording of my session?


Yes. Dina will provide you with an MP3 recording of the session. The recording begins after the hypnotic induction has been performed. Dina will also provide you with an emailed written summary of the session's highlights. The recording and the follow-up email will be sent within 2 weeks after your session.


5. Do I have to be physically present in the same location with the therapist to have a session?


No, a PLSR session can be performed remotely and with ease by internet and phone. Please see the Remote Session Instruction Page for details about how the remote session takes place.


6. Will I be aware and in control of that which goes on around me during the session, or will I be unconscious?


Clients experiencing PLSR are aware of what is happening in the "here and the now" of the session.  PLSR clients remain cognizant and in full control of themselves and their session. For instance, if a client wishes to stop the regression for any reason, or wishes to take a break, or use the restroom, or have a sip of water ... such requests are fully allowed and honored. The guided relaxation state experienced during a PLSR session is not the same -- or even remotely similar to stage hypnotism, during which a subject seems to have no control over what he or she is doing, nor retains memory of the experience that occurred while under hypnosis. Full awareness during the PLSR session as well as memory of session content is central to the PLSR processing experience.


7. Is PLSR the same as psychotherapy, professional mental health counseling, or clinical hypnosis?


No. PLSR in and of itself is not psychotherapy or counseling. Nor is it the same as general hypnotherapy which is often used to assist one in achieving certain behavioral changes (eg. weight loss, smoking cessation, and elimination of phobias). However, some psychotherapists and counselors do offer PLSR as a tool in their counseling services. While profound spiritual and emotional insight is often gained during a session, and while certain symptoms and behavioral changes can result, PLSR is not to take the place of mental health treatment by a trained mental healthcare provider where deemed necessary. PLSR, however, is indeed a spiritual shamanic experience, and by shamanic journeying one can access helpful information from one's Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and Departed Loved Ones. Often, once a hidden cause for an issue is brought to light ... is understood ... and is processed by the PLSR client, the client may experience reduction of ... or complete resolution of ... a current life issue.


8. Does the therapist feed the client with details or have any idea as to what will surface during a session? How do I know that all the info I receive is genuine and from my own being?


No. The therapist does not feed the client with past life data. The role of the PLSR therapist is that of facilitator to the process. The therapist has no idea what specific details will surface and offers no suggestion of such. The therapist will ask questions to help the client navigate through the journey. However, details which surface are revealed to the client from the client's own Higher Self and from his or her benevolent spiritual guides, teachers, and masters.


9. But what if I do not believe in a Spirit Guide or Higher Self? And what if I do not believe in God or an afterlife?


Spiritual terminology is a matter of semantics and personal perception. If you believe that you have a mind, conscious and subconscious, this is all that is required for a successful PLSR session. If one holds no spiritual belief system, then PLSR data still can be taken as useful metaphor, much like dream symbolism can be interpreted as the language of the subconscious mind.


10. Do I have to believe in reincarnation or past lives for a PLSR session to be helpful?


It is noteworthy to mention that whether or not a client subscribes to reincarnation or to the notion of past lives as a personal truth, the PLSR process is equally beneficial, for as stated in item 9 above --- even if one wishes to perceive session results as simply metaphorical ... the imagery, detail, and emotional release which transpire -- all originate from the human mind/heart core, from the depths of one's being -- and thus offer meaning of a personal nature, unique to each individual.


11. How can a PLSR session help someone?


A PLSR session can assist an individual with a number of present-day life issues and mysteries, including: grief, fear of death, somatic symptoms, emotional symptoms, relationship dynamics, spiritual perspectives, and understanding life patterns and themes. While there are no guarantees that any particular intended result will ensue, documentation of  thousands of PLSR sessions conducted over the past 40+ years by the field's pioneers demonstrates that what does surface during PLSR can offer profound spiritual and emotional release and insight.  PLSR is a tool used to enhance one's understanding of his or her life in the here and now. 

12. What is the fee for a PLSR session?


Session exchange is $275 for Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR).  Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR) exchange is $375. Included with each session is an MP3 recording sent for download. The recording is emailed to the client within two weeks after the appointment has taken place. 


13. How old does one have to be to have a session?


Sessions are conducted for individuals 15 years and older. A client under the age of 18 must obtain written consent by a parent or guardian.

14. What is the difference between a Past Life Regression and a Life Between Lives Regression? 

A Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR) explores the realm of time/space that a soul encounters between incarnations. Whereas, a past life regression explores only one of many of a soul's past incarnations. A Life Between Lives Regression is much more in depth. Karmic contracts and incarnational choices that were presented to a soul before its subsequent incarnation are explored in full, and there is an opportunity to release patterns that no longer serve a soul in the here and the now. Glimpses into future life incarnations also may occur during a LBLR session. The LBLR typically may involve extensive communication with Spirit Guides, a Soul Council, and Soul Groups or Soul Family members. All is encountered in the LBL realm. A LBLR session typically lasts between 3.5 and 4 hours total. Restroom and water breaks are available during the session if needed. As with PLSR sessions, LBLR's can be successfully performed both in-person at Dina's Colorado studio ... or remotely by phone with a hands-free headset. Please review the "Preparing for Your Session" page for more detail.


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The following books discuss research of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

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6. Many Lives, Many Masters  - by Brian L. Weiss M.D.

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