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Dina D'Antonio Smithson

My Mission


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Welcome to White Owl Wisdom Past Life Journeys!  My name is Dina. Allow me to introduce myself and to tell you why I am so passionate about the work that I perform in the field of spirituality and the afterlife. If you are visiting this site, it is by no accident.   Your intuitive guidance has inspired you to explore the nature of Past Life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy as a tool for self-discovery.  My mission is to share with others the message that life is never-ending --- and that we humans are amazing spiritual beings, far more powerful than we often think we are!  Many intuitive individuals such as mystics, shamans, healers, and mediums have said that the veil between this 3D world and the world which encompasses "the afterlife" is quickly thinning.  

Therefore, communication with our loved ones, our spirit guides, and even with the infinite 90% of ourselves (Our Higher Self) which remains in the Spirit World--- has become easier now than in any other time in recorded history. The truly exciting news is that we can take a "walk between the worlds” or a "past life flight" anytime we wish ... and still carry on with everyday, normal lives, and obligations here in the physical world.


In ages long ago, a spiritual seeker who embarked upon a conscious path toward enlightenment was often required to spend his or her life within an environment of solitude and separation from the material world.  Such dedication in the adoption of an ascetic lifestyle meant the denouncing of family relations and possessions, abstaining from the pursuit of a profession, and living as a hermit instead of keeping the social life of a house-holder.  As a mystery school initiate, a nun, monk, or hermit spent years within the confines of a temple constructed under the principles of sacred geometric architecture. This was done so that the initiate might experience a specific environment that was conducive to the transformation of consciousness. Now, however, with the help of electromagnetic earth changes that are naturally occurring, changes such as the rise of the Schumann Resonance, as well as DNA-activating cosmic impulses reaching earth from the sun and various constellations, our planet has become a natural temple of initiation!  This environment is not intended just for some, but for all humans.  And while those of us who are alive during this special time of change have new challenges to face, we can still part the veil between the worlds more readily. If the heartfelt volition and the mental focus is there ... then yes, this can be done. 


Taking the step toward experiencing a Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) session is taking a step toward spiritual self-discovery and empowerment. It is a shamanic journey. And since the Earth herself is now the sacred temple, providing us with just the right frequencies for a shamanic experience, then each of us who wishes to be aware of such frequencies is capable of doing so.  How fortunate we are to live in this age of spiritual opportunity!  Nowadays, a typical family man or woman does not have to leave his or her worldly obligations to find the time and the space to experience what an ancient initiate could do only while living as a hermit in a cave or as a monk in a monastery.  I believe that it is time for all people who are on a conscious path of awakening to become his/her own guru, his/her own priest ... and his/her own master. With the internet as a tool, a Past Life Soul Regression is easily available to individuals who live anywhere in the world.

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