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Biography -- Dina D'Antonio Smithson

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Dear Reader,


I've been asked by a number of curious clients, "How did you get involved with Past Life Regression Therapy?  The simplest answer is ... I came into this life with a significant amount of "life between lives" soul memory intact, so my awareness and my intrigue regarding spirituality has been with me since childhood.  In other words, some significant remembrance of my soul's state of being before this lifetime has been ever-present. This remembrance has been a mixed blessing. While such awareness has provided me with a strong spiritual foundation and has been the driving force behind my life path, at times it also has been a source of difficulty, especially during my formative years. As an individual who is empathic, I've been told throughout my life by well-meaning loved ones, "You're too sensitive."

Nevertheless, being "sensitive" is what helps me to do the work that I perform in the healing and spiritual arts. In addition to my vocation in the field of past life regression hypnotherapy, I am also a certified, licensed massage therapist in the State of Colorado, and I have been a certified, practicing Reiki Practitioner since 1996. Along with Reiki, there is an energy enhancement modality I've utilized for myself, friends, relatives and animals over the years. I get assistance from my spirit guides. Two of such guides have offered specific instructions which I use routinely when performing Reiki, Massage Therapy, and Past Life Soul Regression. 


These spirit guides work with me when I assist others (animals and people) requesting balance and healing. One primary healing guide was made known to me during an out of body encounter.The astral meeting which took place almost twenty years ago was not a dream. Nevertheless, this particular guide was a medicine man when he lived on earth.  I will refer to him as S.W.H.H.  The presence of S.W. H.H. in my life was later verified over the next several years by at least seven spiritual mediums and psychics.  Such individuals would independently confirm the presence of this guide and his "instructions" for utilizing Divine Life-Force Energy to assist myself and others.


It was notable to me that not one of these psychics or mediums had any prior knowledge of S. W. H. H. or his importance to me when they'd see his etheric form standing near me.  In other words, I never mentioned anything about the guide, nor did I ask about him while talking to the mediums.  Yet, they (the psychics/mediums) routinely detected the medicine man standing near me. For example, during the 1990s my late husband (Saul Lewis Smithson) and I once managed a very busy inn located in Sedona, Arizona. During the seven years that we lived in Sedona, on a regular basis, we'd meet hotel guests who worked in the intuitive arts. Such hotel guests came from all over the world. Several of them were among the people who'd ask,"Who is the Native American?" or, they'd say, "There's a Native American man standing behind you, and he is talking specifically about healing work and your spiritual path in life."  One medium in particular delivered instructions, which she offered verbatim from S.W.H.H.


While on my path as a student of metaphysics and as a facilitator of the spiritual arts, I also worked for thirty years as a professional grant writer, fundraiser, and adoption specialist in the field of animal welfare. I love animals and people. I see all beings as connected within the sacred web of life. I am a creative writer, the author of seven children's stories. The stories were inspired by my beloved animal companions, namely four goofy packgoat wethers (neutered males)  whom Saul and I rescued from slaughter shortly after we moved to Colorado. A goat/human love affair ensued, and the goats became the center of our lives. Before Saul's transition into spirit, he and I hiked miles and miles amid beautiful mountain trails with our goats.  I trained them to do tricks, which they enjoy performing, since goats are natural show-offs!  Farmers and neighbors from the rural area where we live got wind of these extraordinary goats, goats who perform circus tricks and who walk miles off lead with Saul and me, goats  who come when their names are called ... just like dogs!  People came to see the goats and to meet us, and soon Saul nicknamed me, "The Colorado Goat Whisperer."  Now and again we'd encounter someone with a quizzically raised eyebrow and the question, "Why do you keep goats who produce no milk, no meat, and no skins?"  Saul would then answer with a wry smile, "We keep them because they produce happiness!"  Indeed, the happiness which the goats brought to Saul and me was what inspired us to write about them. There's nothing like the antics of a goat if you need  a good laugh!  

 In addition to the children's stories which Saul and I co-created, Saul wrote a collection of 100 haiku poems which he penned while on a number of daily 3-mile jaunts with the goats. His collection of poems is called Zen and the Art of Goat-Watching. When the booklet is published, I will announce it on this site. Our collection of children's stories is called Mr. Carlini's Goats: The Colorado Tales. Publication of the goat stories will also be posted on this site. 

In addition to our more than 30 years of service in animal rescue, Saul and I coordinated and sponsored numerous spiritually-oriented conferences throughout Northern Arizona during the 1990s. A medicine man once referred to Saul and me as "catalysts," for within the dynamic of our husband and wife teamwork, we seemed to have displayed a knack for coordinating meetings where renowned spiritual teachers, scientists, inspirational speakers, and shamans could gather and exchange ideas. Close friends facetiously nicknamed Saul and me "The Dynamic Duo," and "SaulDina."


Some events which we hosted included showings of ancient artifacts such as Max the Crystal Skull and the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull. Other events coordinated by Saul and me included  workshops during which notable authors and speakers could present their findings on subjects like ETs, UFO's, Martial Arts, and Quantum Physics. The events were, of course, open to the general public. Saul and I had so much fun hosting these educational gatherings!

To view a chronology of events that were stepping stones along my spiritual path and which led me to become a past life regression therapist, 

Love, Peace, and Joy,


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